lulu, hillsider companion

lulu, hillsider companion

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

...continuing with Governor Jerry, the Trump clown car, and...what the hell is an "alternative fact"?

Although we are writing from Texas (I'm a proud native) at present, we'll always stay abreast of and include a lot of California news. Our letters from the past all originated from our California home, we love the state for its beauty and general dedication to doing the right things (at least from an environmentalist's perspective). And we remain connected to it in many ways, and watch it closely, so it will feature here regularly.

Having said that, it was reassuring to hear Governor Jerry Brown reiterate his pledge that the state would unrelentingly resist any and all attempts by Trump's administration to meddle in any way with California's liberal (and proper) agenda, particularly as it relates to the environment. Brown has proven in years past that he means what he says, so he remains a leader for all Californians even at the ripe old age of 78. Being a long-time Sierra Club member myself, I know what widespread support Brown enjoys within the West's environmental movement, and I feel sure that he bought a substantial amount of additional goodwill with that little piece of his State-of-the-State address.

 More news in this morning from the clown car: several government agencies (who work for the people, by the way) have been instructed by the clown car driver to cease their open communication with their employers (we, the people) until further notice. No press releases, no nothing unless and until permission is granted by someone (?) in authority. This has a really nasty smell to it, since one of those agencies is the Environmental Protection Agency, and the new Cabinet is populated by climate-change deniers and serial polluters. We'll see where this goes, with more information coming out later in the day, but this news had already drawn the attention of the world's environmentaists, and will doubtless unleash a shitstorm of flack for Trump to tweet about in the wee hours of the mornng,

And, in closing for the day (maybe, depending on what happens next), I ask that someone correct me if they have any way of describing for the public the meaning of "alternative fact": of course, if it means what we all believe it to mean, that is, a big, blatant, bald-faced LIE, then no response is necessary.

Thanks for your time...

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